”. What sticks out on this delicate, gothic-folk tune are the harmonies of Kimberly Vice and Michelle Ausman, which gracefully move from lush and enchanting at the beginning before swelling into vocals that are earnest and urgent. It is a song about growing up and letting go, a song about saying goodbye.
— The Revue
The doubled voices of this folk-soul duo (Kimberly Vice and Michelle Ausman) are so smoky that they transport you to a mescaline-induced trip where you might find yourself trapped in a Mad Men boardroom meeting gasping for air. In this instance, it’s the women who are the alpha-dogs and the men are no longer domineering assholes, but are left heartbroken in the corner with tears diluting their Maker’s Mark old fashioneds
— Kevin Barrios of Antigravity
Especially after they played a damn good cover of Tom Waits’ “Tango Till They’re Sore.” Their articulation was good, even in a packed room with fuzzy amps blasting and reverberating off wooden walls.
— Free Press Houston
voices are both sweet and fierce, and soulfully echo their Louisianan background. As a collection, the songs almost sound like a diary of two infamous women on the run, with standout tunes like “You Don’t Fool Me” sing-songing the phrase “it’s the Devil’s land out there”.
— Annie Christie of Music Putty