Based out of New Orleans, LA

This soulful-folk duo, Hestina, "is guided by an intrinsic, instinctual, guttural groan- a yearning far beyond themselves" says Kimberly. Having just re-released their debut Album, Blossom Talk, with Autumn Tone Records in mid-April they are eager to share this record. Blossom Talk is "a metamorphosis and compilation of songs that time capsule's our transition into becoming a band" -Hestina. 

"These girls sing with attention-grabbing smoky blues voices. Classically sensual and burlesque. Their stripped-down, ukulele-dominated accompaniment invokes a misty post-rock dream-scape that offers an almost ironic contrast to the primal humanity of the vocals. Add to that, intensely personal lyrics and you get a band that is very hard to turn away from."-- Michael Kunz (New Orleans Music Critic)


Vocals, Ukulele / Michelle Ausman (Right)
Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar / Kimberly Vice (Left)




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MAY 5, 2016

What sticks out on this delicate, gothic-folk tune are the harmonies of Kimberly Vice and Michelle Ausman, which gracefully move from lush and enchanting at the beginning before swelling into vocals that are earnest and urgent. It is a song about growing up and letting go, a song about saying goodbye.
— The Revue

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